Smart GIC allows to monitor the performance of processes, plan improvement actions and coordinate teams. The new application has been created together with the industrial software development company iAR.

The companies iAR and ACMP announce the launch of Smart GIC, a new operational management software that helps organizations to plan and verify daily work more efficiently with the aim of obtaining maximum efficiency in the processes.

Specifically, the new application allows those responsible for the different areas of the company to know the situation of an updated line or area in real time, monitor the evolution of key indicators and quickly detect any deviation that occurs in the course of the processes.

In addition to these functionalities, Smart GIC supports the organization’s follow-up meeting system and channels the planning and control of corrective actions as well as the coordination of team members.

This mobile application incorporates a simple, clear and intuitive design with elements of visual management that facilitates verification in relation to compliance with standards. Users can access the information through the mobile application and web platform.

Smart GIC is the first technological solution in its field that is based on  Short Interval Management (GIC). This lean management work dynamic, widely known in the industrial sector, proposes a management of operations with a short-term focus (hours, shifts, day) and active participation of personnel.

In practice, this feature translates into greater flexibility and collaboration between departments to solve problems through simple solutions that are applied immediately and, as a whole, represent a progressive improvement.

According to its promoters, Smart GIC is developed for use mainly in a productive environment as well as in other areas of industrial companies (maintenance, quality, logistics, etc.) and in service organizations.