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5S periodic audit management software

Create checklists by areas, check standards compliance and easily manage your team corrective actions for greater efficiency.

Why does my company need 5S?

5S is a Lean methodology that helps organizations establish a permanent discipline of order and cleanliness in the workplace with the active participation of all staff.

The standardization of processes, which uses elements of visual control, ensures that improvements are maintained over time.

The periodical 5S audit is an instrument that serves to review that standards are met, quickly identify anomalies and propose corrective actions collectively. A tool to progress towards continuous improvement.

Advantages of using the SMART 5S application

The audit process more agile, effective and efficient.

  • All-in-one: centralized and real-time information on the status of 5S in all areas of your company.
  • Reduce audit document management to focus efforts on what it is important: reinforce your 5S and innovation activities.
  • Sustainability and commitment: go for a tool that eases the transition to a paperless working environment
  • Easily access, extract and share information on your KPI and action plans
  • Get up-to-date and accurate data that allows you to react far more quickly to anomalous situations
  • Evaluate the impact of your company’s 5S program with performance reports
  • Facilitates work for team members and encourages their involvement in sustaining the 5S dynamics
  • Facilitates and centralizes 5S improvement actions management and share indicators and action plans

Eliminate waste

Increase worker’s safe and safety

Increase efficiency

Improves product/ service quality

Creates a pleasant workplace

Get your Smart 5S free trial for 30 days and see for yourself all it can do for your company.

Smart 5S
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5S digital audit

Verify and monitor 5S standards compliance of any area via mobile application, both online and offline.

Action plan management

Plan and monitor the corrective actions associated with the audit, supervise deadlines and people in charge. Estimate costs and working hours.

Audit creation

Prepare, edit and update checklists as you need. Add users with autonomy.


Access information and results of previous audits and check at a glance actions that have been completed and those pending.

Attach documents

Add graphic files to facilitate standards visualization, a faster detection of anomalous situations and improvement opportunities.

Graphs and statistics

Prepares and exports reports on the results of the audits. Automatically generates graphs of the evolution of the indicators and the Pareto of causes.


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