Development of Lean Manufacturing digital solutions

Your work processes well managed, more agile, reliable and efficient.

We help you progress towards operational excellence getting the most of processes, technology and people’s talent.



We develop software solutions based on the Lean Manufacturing production methods.

  1. Remove waste within manufacturing systems
  2. Maximize value for the customer
  3. Optimize work processes and reduce operating costs

Daily operational management software

Main features

  • Verify the fulfillment of your KPI in short cycles
  • Plan improvement actions to correct deviations quickly
  • Monitor your processes and results

5S digital audits

Main features

  • Create and verify 5S standard compliance
  • Plan and manage all corrective actions
  • Real-time and accurate data for faster detection of anomalous situations

Amplify your improvement opportunities.

Smart Lean Solutions suite is a collection of desktop and mobile apps that will help you manage your company’s resources and processes more efficiently.

These tools can be deployed separately or together, so you can experience all its potential.


Action and project management system

Main features

  • Create, organize and manage all your projects and work tasks in one platform
  • Plan and manage your resources: teams, deadlines, costs
  • Monitor progress and results

Automatic data capture system

Main features

  • Collect and analyse manufacturing data, stops, quality rejects, and its causes
  • Calculate machine efficiency (OEE) by time intervals
  • Get to know your plant’s real capacity to manufacture with quality, process performance and the availability of equipments


An effective use of technology and improvement tools.

  • Diagnosis: Detection of needs. Plan of actions
  • Awareness, training
  • We do it with you. Kaizen Workshop/Workshop
  • Monitoring and knowledge transfer
  • Result control
  • New needs


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