About Smart Check

Software for creating and editing digital checklist

Create checklists by area, customize the type of questions and answers, carry out a traceability control, and perform periodic controls…

Why does my company need Smart Check?

Smart-Check allows you to collect the data in a digital tool and analyze it. It also allows you to define templates, questions, types of answers, or periodicities in data collection.

Advantages of using the SMART Check application

The most agile, effective, and efficient Checklist software.

  • Removal of paper.
  • Real-time data. Data collected, a data that is available to the entire organization.
  • Unify and standardize information.
  • Eliminate data transcriptions from paper to other systems and therefore reduce time and errors.
  • Data mining: Have the possibility of carrying out analysis and studies of the data collected through graphs, data export, connection with Business Intelligence tools…
  • Collection of information with the scanning of QR codes.

Create Checklist

Scan QR codes

Attach Documents

Data Mining

Improve traceability

Get your Smart Check free trial for 30 days and see for yourself all it can do for your company.


Create digital checklist

Create, edit and update all the checklists immediately.

Data mining

Connection with “Business Intelligence tools, like Power BI.


Access information and results of previous audits and check at a glance actions that have been completed and those pending.

Attach documents

Add graphic files to facilitate standards visualization, a faster detection of anomalous situations and improvement opportunities.


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