Smart Lean Solutions


5S digital daily audits. SMART 5S allows users to manage all the activity regarding the periodic audits and the 5S improvement actions within the organization. Easily check standards and its compliance in terms of order, organization and cleanliness, identify anomalies and manage corrective actions with agility.

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KPI management system. It allows user to verify the fulfillment of key objectives in short cycles, plan improvement actions to quickly correct deviations and monitor process evolution. Smart GIC is the mobile application that supports Short Interval Management, the essential Lean tool for continuous improvement management.

Smart GAP

Action and project management platform designed to help users to organize, plan and control all the tasks from the different areas in an organization. Productivity, communication, and management tool in the cloud. It centralizes in a single system all users’ tasks and projects.

Smart Efficiency

Manufacturing Data Collection System. Monitors and analyzes in real time production data and machine efficiency (OEE). Enable companies to detect areas of improvement and to improve processes’s performance.

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Software for the management and editing of the digital checklist. It allows you to collect the data in a digital tool and analyze it. Define templates, questions, types of answers, or periodicities in data collection.



Software for the management and register of non-conformities. Allows the customization, creation, closure, and deletion of the open non-conformities.


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