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About us

Smart Lean Solutions was found by iAR and ACMP, two companies with a solid experience in the development of industrial software and the implementation of Lean transformation projects, respectively.

iAR is a company specialized in the development of industrial software, providing mobility solutions, and incorporating advanced technologies such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

ACMP, is a consultancy firm specialize in Lean methodologies that develops process improvement projects across a variety of industries and company services.


Smart Lean Solutions Principles

Smart Lean Solutions was born out of the collaboration of two benchmark companies in their sector. Together we make up a solid, agile and innovative professional team.

Our way of understanding work is based on these four principles:

  • We focus on the client, their people, real needs and expectations

  • Our commitment to the projects and their results is firm

  • We encourage a fluid and permanent collaboration with people

  • Integrity: we act in coherence with our values and company policy


Smart Lean Solutions mission is to help organizations to progress towards operational excellence through the development of lean tool digital solutions.

The new production model is based on highly efficient processes and the introduction of 4.0 technologies, which act as enablers of change.

We are aware of the challenge it represents for most companies, also the opportunities it offers to innovation and to the evolution of business models.

Smart Lean Solutions was created with the aim of facilitating its clients this transformation process, providing advanced technologies, effective working methods and the best know-how and knowledge of our human team.


Our greatest aspiration is to contribute to the competitiveness of organizations and to promote their advance in a context of industry 4.0.

In Smart Lean Solutions we seek to transform companies into a more efficient, efective, flexible, agile, participatory and well-managed work centers.

Smart Lean Solutions

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