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Development of digitizing solutions for lean tools

We create Lean 4.0 applications to help you move towards operational excellence

We design and deploy lean 4.0 solutions for the management and process improvement.

We provide advanced solutions that enhance process reliability, agility and efficiency helping business to reach the next level of management.


Daily operational management

Verifies the fulfillment of key objectives in short cycles, plans improvement actions to quickly correct deviations and monitors process evolution.

Smart GIC is the mobile application that supports Short Interval Management, the essential Lean tool for continuous improvement management in an organization.

  • Access to information anywhere and at any time
  • Centralizes data form all company’s GIC
  • Agile management and decision making
  • Improve the traceability of activities and control the results
  • Evaluate the impact of activities with reliable data
  • Reduce document management
  • Share information with colleagues and departments across the organization

Smart 5S

5S digital audits

Checks standards and its compliance in terms of order, organization and cleanliness, quickly identifies anomalies and manages corrective actions.

5S is Lean methodology that helps organizations to establish a permanent discipline of organization, order and cleanliness in the workplace.

SMART 5S allows to manage all the activity related to the periodic audits and the 5S improvement actions within the organization.

  • Agile daily audit management for your company
  • Access to centralized and updated information from all areas
  • Monitor the progress of actions and results anywhere
  • Extract and share information with other team members
  • Measure the impact of your 5S program with evolution reports
  • Reduce document management and implement a paperless tool
  • Facilitates work for the staff and their involvement in the 5S dynamics

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